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We know our campers will need other services while camping. Camp activities and play time can get dirty! Also our campers will be able to walk the trails and and take some adventurous hikes.

Bath House

Our baths include shampooing and conditioner along with blow drying and brushing. Extras are also available such as

Nail Trim 8$ and Ear Cleanings 10$

Breed Sizing

Extra Small

Up to 8 lbs.



9 -19 lbs.


20 -49 lbs.


50 -79 lbs.

Extra Large

Over 80 lbs.








All Inclusive*






Dog Wash
Dog Walk

Trails and Hiking

Exercise!!! Playtime isn't always enough. We make sure our campers enjoy the good outdoors and get some fresh air.

Trail Walks

One 10 minute walk        $ 8

Two 10 minute walks      $14

One 20 minute walk       $15

Two 20 minute walks     $27


One 30 minute walk    $22

Two 30 minute walks  $40

*Hiking and Walking services are an add on when leaving your pet with us for Boarding and Day Care

Request a Reservation

Click the button below to register your pet and reserve a bath!

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