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TLP Grooming Services


Bring your dog to The Left Paw for our Grooming Services! Here is some general information that pet owners might have when considering our grooming services for their furry friends:

Services Offered

Baths     Hair Cuts     Nail Trims     Ear Cleaning      Teeth Brushing     Anal Gland Cleaning      Moderate to Severe Matt Trims


Groomer Expertise

Here at The Left Paw, we make sure your furry friend has the best and safest care. Our groomer has 2 years of experience, and is a certified professional. She has the skills and patience to groom any dog from young puppies to senior pals.

Special Request

If you have any requests or certain details on how you would want your furry friend, no worries, our groomer can follow your requests thoroughly without a problem. 

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